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Dr. Michael Arié celebrates his 80th birthday

On March 22, 2012 Dr. Michael Arié gets 80 years old!

Dr. Arié gemeinsam mit Felix Dillmann - im Hintergrund (Mitte) Mickey Kaplan

Descending from a music-loving family, Dr. Arié's passion for Jazz music began very early.

After WW II his parents moved to Vienna and here he got in touch with the BDN. But not only could he - when listening to the AFRS in Vienna - enjoy his beloved Jazz music, but also beef up his English.

Dr. Arié not only holds the largest V-Disc collection but also possesses an impressingly huge collection of Schellack discs.

Michael Arie is a well reknown Jazz expert in Austria as well as abroad.

BDN wishes him all the best and many more swinging years!