Gen. Mark Wayne Clark* May 1, 1896  † April 17, 1984

From 1945 until 1947 General Mark Wayne Clark was USFA High Commissioner in Austria.

Due to his engagement AFN stations in Austria were named "Blue Danube Network", contrary to the common naming conventions for Army stations (as e.g. "AFN-Vienna").

Being a friend of Austria, General Clark also effortlessly engaged in showing the country's self-reliance,  also it's treatment within the US Army. It was him also, who organised for the foundation of a special newspaper, the "USFA Sentinel", in addition to the "Stars and Stripes". He also designed the USFA insignee - a red-white-red striped shield with blue sword and olive branch (the sword representing the protection offered by the US Army to Austria in its struggle for freedom and independence, the olive branch implying the USFA's aim to preserve peace).