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Stephan C: Graf A. Boepple

Hello, I am new to this forum. We recently moved into a house in Southern California and found a relatively old letter from a mr. Graf A. Boepple. I am wondering if this is the same person metioned on this forum and if it is, does someone know where I can send this note as I am sure the family would like to memory of this perserved.

Freitag, 17. Juli 2020

Avaanttpak: Работали, работаем и будем РАБОТАТЬ ДЛЯ ВАС

ООО «ТД Авантпак» — это динамично и эффективно развивающаяся производственная компания в области полимерной пленки различных марок и упаковки из полиэтилена. За время работы успела зарекомендовать себя как надежный поставщик, снабжает огромную аудиторию потребителей

Mittwoch, 24. Juni 2020

Brenna: Mrs

Does anyone know or recognise the call name “Roger Raynal” ?

Dienstag, 19. März 2019

Alan MacQuoid: Dr.

Al Secan....Where are you?


We are in Big Bear Lake, CA.

In contact with Steve Binder



Alan MacQuoid

BDN Salzburg/St Johann (1954-'55)

AFN '55-'56

Dienstag, 18. September 2018

Alan Secan: Mr.

What a surprise!...and what a pleasure falling into your website by accident.  I was with BDN Salzberg from Jan, 55 through closing, then to AFN Nuernberg and Frankfurt until Summer 57,currently in Bamberg, Germany.  I'll never forget those wonderful days and friends like Al MacQuiod, Steve Binder and Dave Bosley. Thanks very much         Alan Secan  alanne@t-online.de

Montag, 18. April 2016

Herbert: Hut ab!

Schön, dieses Stück Österreich-Geschichte so detailliert aufgearbeitet zu finden/zu sehen. Prima Leistung!

Danke und mfg,


Mittwoch, 23. März 2016

Dallis Radamaker: Mr.

You have done a wonderful job on this website. My father, Ted Radamaker, who died in 2013, was assistant news editor at BDN in Vienna from April to September 1946. I have dozens of photographs made by him at that time of the station itself and many of the personnel, which I would be glad to provide to you for use on this site. 

Let me know if you are interested. Dallis


Donnerstag, 03. Dezember 2015

Brenna Welsh: Radio Station

My grandfather was a DJ/Station manager at KOFA Linz during the war. His name was Joseph Welsh. My Oma has an original newsletter from the station that I will copy and send to the website. It features my grandfather on the front working at the station. My Oma has also mentioned their friendship with Bud Miller while at the station. I hope many of you will find this interesting and also that his history with the station can be added to the website.

Joe and Elfriede Welsh are the couple at the centre of the photo showing men at the station bar.

Joe Welsh putting the record on.

Samstag, 18. Juli 2015

Alan MacQuoid: My days at BDN

Very interesting.

I was stationed at BDN Salzburg and BDN St. Johann i.P from December 1954 until the closing in October 1955.


As a young soldier I was very fortunate to have made many Austrian friends. I am proud to say that I still return to Salzurg to visit them.

Alan MacQuoid



Samstag, 31. Mai 2014

Thom Whetston: Wonderful webiste

You did a great job!  I have a LOT of the original AFRS ETS (1943-96) let me know if I can help.


Best wishes


Thom Whetston

AFKN 1976-77

SCN 1980-83

Samstag, 15. März 2014

othmar c. kubes: herr

hallo herr orosz, wieder hat mich ein zufall zu ihnen gebracht. der erste war die 10 jahresfeier im rathaus. wir haben uns dann auch noch später einmal getroffen und ich habe cd s von ihnen bekommen. bdn war mein sprachlehrer. später war ich fan von afn munich. (bundesheer im ehemaligen camp roeder und flugsicherungskurs in münchen) hillbilly rise and shine hillbilly jubillee time five string concert lucheon in munchen bouncing in bavaria usw usf.... und gestern hab ich mir die aufzeichnun

Sonntag, 05. Januar 2014

Harold Lloyd Huffman, Jr: Major - Civil Air Patrol

I was born in Linz, my mother is Austrian born & father American Army Soldier stationed in Bad-Aibling from 1955 to 1959.

Great history on American Forces Radio history in Austria.

Samstag, 28. Dezember 2013

Gerhard: Nostalgie

Fantastisch - Super - unglaublich! Ich fühle mich um Jahrzehnte zurück versetzt. Ich habe viele der Sendungen "notgedrungen" Gehört, als Ich als kleiner Bub (zwischen 7 - 10 Jahre alt) Gast bei der Familie Pelz am Schreiberweg (vis a vis der WOFA) übernachten durfte. Die Stärke des Senders brachte es mit sich, dass man kaum eine andere Station hören konnte.

Bin begeistert, dass man solche Tondokumente aufbewhrt hat!

LG Gerhard "Jerry"

Donnerstag, 24. Oktober 2013

Sam Buono: Ex B D N announcer

I joined BDN late 1950 and worked my way up to Chief Announcer under Col. Tidwell. I considered re-upping in 1955 but the future seemed not to continue because of the agreement with the Soviet to call it quits . To me that meant the end of BDR Salzburg. My decision was to leave. It broke my heart to leave something that I loved so dearly. Thanks to you I can re-live old and dear memories! They were the BEST years of my life.Thanks most sincerely, Sam Buono.

Dienstag, 05. Februar 2013

Harold Badten: Vienna, 1954

In the fall of 1954 I joined the Salzburg Soldier Choir or Chorus.  We went on tour the month of December singing in all the cities where we had camps.  In Vienna we sang with the Vienna Choir Boys in a concert.  We were in the BDN Concert Hall and I was told that we were broadcast all over Europe and also recorded.  At the time it didn't seem important but but now it would a near priceless thing to have.  I have three nice colored photos taken at that event by our Director Sam Spence's

Montag, 21. Januar 2013

Larry N. Phillips: Greetings Walter

Hello Walter:

Your web page popped up a few months ago, and I talked with Bill for more-than an hour by telephone about BDN, Austria, and you.
Bill had many good things to say about you and your work with the USFA/BDN story.
From late in 1952 until October 1954, I was with BDN Linz.
Next year, I'll contact you.
Until then, have a good New Year in 2013.  and Keep Smilin'
Larry N. Phillips

Montag, 21. Januar 2013

Christel Schmidt: Missis

Hello Blue Danube Network!

The photo below shows my late husband at the piano with unknown trumpet player.
My husband was Hungarian and was a classical pianist turned be-bop while in DP camp.
He was only 18-19 years old at the time.

He later came to Canada, US, and Sweden, where he composed, arranged, conducted, and played big band music.

The 3rd photo shows the group he played with in Austria. I don't know if it was in Zell am See or in Salzburg/Camp Truscott.

If you have any information about this time, I would very much like to hear from you.

Looking forward to your response.


Christel Garrick-Schmidt
Vancouver IslandCanada

Sonntag, 01. April 2012

Andrew: Hallo

Informative Seite habt ihr da, Grüsse aus Bayern

Donnerstag, 29. März 2012

Walter: Gratulation

Finde die Homepage äußerst gelungen, informativ mit tollen Projekten!

Viel Erfolg und herzliche Grüße,
Walter Uresch
Feldenkrais Zentrum
Bad Radkersburg

Donnerstag, 03. November 2011

Gerald Grill: Gratulation

Hallo Walter!

Gratulation für die super Website! Sie ist so interessant gestaltet, dass ich mir fast alles durchgelesen habe. Diese umfangreiche Recherchen müßen ja unheimlich viel Arbeit gewesen sein.


Samstag, 24. September 2011

Heinz Wicki: Rudy Kregcyk

Hoi Walter Besten Dank für den Nachruf von Rudy K. Ich gratuliere Dir für diese grosse Arbeit. Ich werde einen Ausdruck an seine Töchter weiterleiten. Liebe Grüsse

Samstag, 24. September 2011

Bill Billet: Mr.

One of our former members, now deceased was a technician on BDN.

Of course I always listened to BDN, and a buddy enjoyed the Polka music from
Chicago. It was Frankie somebody.

One of my room mates at Saalfelden was Sgt.Phillips who later became an
announcer on BDN.

Bill Billet
President/ Founder
United States Forces Austria Veterans Association

Donnerstag, 17. Februar 2011


Sehr gut!


Dienstag, 14. Dezember 2010

Alan MacQuoid: Good job

The web site brings back fond memories of my time spent at BDN Salzburg and St. Johann i/P. I will try to contribute some information that might be interesting.

                       Alan MacQuoid (BDN '54'-'55 ; AFN '55-'56)




Dienstag, 07. Dezember 2010

Bernd Wichert: Hr

Lieber Walter,

mein gestriger erster Eintrag ist wohl nicht registriert worden. Deshalb nochmals hier alles erdenklich Gute zu deinem 75. ! - Ein schöner Start für eine längst fällige Site. Bin gespannt, was noch alles folgt.

Liebe Grüße aus der Eifel bei Aachen, Dtld

Bernd Wichert

suizidal -dot-de (meine Site mit viele News zu Tondokumenten)


Samstag, 04. Dezember 2010

Graeme Stevenson: Mr

I saw your new website details on Bernard Wichert's webpage. Good luck !  Cheers from Schottland.  Graeme

Samstag, 04. Dezember 2010

Rudi Z: Happy Birthday!

Auch auf diesem Weg dir lieber Walter alles erdenklich Gute Embarassed

Mit ganz lieben Grüßen

die Würnitzer

Freitag, 03. Dezember 2010


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