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DJ / Announcer


Tune in...

Strictly Solid


Mickey Kaplan

13:00 hrs

Jazz International Modern Jazz Stan Kenton Sat. 13:30 hrs
Hillbilly Gasthaus Country and Western Mickey Kaplan
Twilight Tips Information on events in Vienna, Linz, Salzburg
mixed up with popular music
Mickey Kaplan
John W. Lafean
17:30 hrs
Dick Haymes Show Popular music / AFRS Dick Haymes Mo. - Fr. 17:45 hrs
Jack Smith Show Popular music / AFRS Jack Smith Tu., Thu., Sat. 18:00 hrs.
Luncheon Matinee Request show with dedications Bob Abbott
et al
12:10 hrs -
14:00 hrs
Grand Ole Opry Country and Western Mo. - Sa.
Rise And Shine Request show
div. DJs Mo. - Fr.
06:15 hrs -
07:15 hrs

Midday Show Bud Miller
Concert Hour Classical music
Byron Sanders daily
16:00 hrs
Stars In The Night Byron Sanders Thu.
20:00 hrs
Music As You Like It Popular music
John W. Lafean
Jill's Alltime Jukebox Request Show Martha Wilkerson Sat. 08:30 - 08:45 hrs
AFRS Record Review The latest records John W. Lafean
Hot Off The Record Press The latest records div. DJs Mo. - Fr.
11:30 hrs
Hillbilly Rise And Shine Country and western Larry N. Phillips
G.I. Jive Request Show Martha Wilkerson Mo. - Fr. 07:30 - 07:45 hrs.
Western Round Up Country and western

Hank Parker
Larry N. Phillips

Today's The Day News from the USA Dave Young Mo. - Fr.
11:45 hrs
Way Back Home News from the USA Mo. - Wed.,  Fr.
18:00 hrs
American Heritage Radio play
Brian Aherne playing "Samuel Johnson"
14:30 hrs
Record Shop Radio Show Popular Music Bud Miller Mo. - Sa. 15:05 hrs. (Linz)
EM Club Of The Air Cpl. Elsie Suomy
a.k.a. "Linda"
20:00 hrs
Jubilee Jazz & Popular music / AFRS Ernie "Bubbles" Whitman Sat. 20:00 hrs
Waltztime Waltz Marlin L. Haines Mo. - Fr.
Cool Corner
(from 1951)
Latest Jazz (Cool Jazz) Bob Abbott
Alan Cigan
14:00 hrs
Swingtime Swing

Alan Cigan
Dave Bosley
Richard Verdes

14:00 hrs

Doctor Music Request program for  reconvalescent Soldiers Byron Sanders
Nelson Browning
et al.
Mo. - Fr.
14:00 hrs

Jive At Five Jazz und popular music Bob Abbott Mo. - Fr.
17:00 hrs
Hillbilly Jubilee Country and western div. DJs Mo. - Fr.
17:00 hrs
Report From Europe News Mickey Kaplan
Bud Miller et al.
Mo. - Fr.
21:00 hrs
One Night Stand Big Band Radio Show AFRS DJs Mo. - Fr. 22:00 hrs
The Judge Is You Two DJs play Jazz and Classical music (etc.); das audience vortes what is best
Mo. - Fr.
at noon
Command Performance Request program for  reconvalescent Soldiers Ken Carpenter et al. Su. 22:30 hrs