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Hans Salomon, also called "Salo" (10.9.1933 - 24.9.2020) was so fascinated by the music played on BDN that right after the end of war he started to learn playing clarinet and later saxophone as well and finally he also began learning English.

With like-minded people he founded the "Austrian All Stars" in 1953.  Via mediation of Friedrich Gulda the band also gained attention from musicians in the USA.

Salo was accepted into the "International Youth Orchestra" (a selection of the best overseas Jazzmen) and was invited to the USA later-on as well. There he played with famous musicians like Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, Gerry Mulligan and Ella Fitzgerald – just to name a few.

After returning back to Austria he learned to arrange and compose as well. In the ORF Big Band he performed with Johannes Fehring and Horst Winter as well as with Peter Alexander or Udo Jürgens. He also was active as a solo musician and arranger.

Hans Salomon passed away in Vienna on September 24, 2020.